We mourn for Dieter Störig

I had a comrade (Trumpet solo)
On 10.08.2021 our dear and much appreciated team member and model builder Dieter Störig passed away.

He built more than 80% of the larger models, some of them as remote-controlled helicopters for the Helicopter Museum.
He has brought many improvements to our museum, built and equipped display cases and implemented many ideas.
The last great model, the Mars helicopter INGENUITY, he rebuilt in 1:1 scale, so that it landed with us on 17.02.2021,
one day earlier than on Mars.

Dear Dieter, you were always a sincere, loyal, cheerful and lovable flying companion to us,
and we thank you for all the good you have done us and our visitors.

We hope that you have found your already prepared place with Jesus.

Dieter Störig300KB Traueranzeige Dieter Störig1


Traueranzeige D Störig HZ



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