Helicopter Simulator


"TAKE OFF" with the Simulator!

Did you ever want to fly a Helicopter?

This Simulator lets you experience Helicopter flight as a pilot – whether you are a professional, semi-professional or no pilot at all. It is a professional Helicopter Simulator, used by German Army Aviation from 1995 to 2012 for the selection procedure of future Helicopter pilots. We have modernized the helicopter with new Microsoft FSX program.
For an amount of 10.00 € for 10 minutes, the visitors can feel like a Helicopter pilot!
The Simulator is a single-seater, fully equipped with controls, the cowling may be closed for getting a real "Helicopter feeling". The visibility system consists of four monitors. Three of them generate the visibility out of the helicopter and one monitor shows the cockpit instruments. Outside the simulator two further monitors show the audience what the pilot sees inside the simulator. The simulator can be used autonomous, supported by a user's manual. If attendant, assistance can be given by staff.
Payment will be carried out by coin-operated machine.


Short Briefing to fly the Helicopter Simulator

  • Please insert coin and sit down on the pilot's seat
  • Push the seat forward and lock it, close the canopy
  • Push "Neustart" (= restart) (hold left and push right) on the console and after 5 seconds
  • "Instrumente" (= instruments) „on“ (hold left and push right)


Now you are ready for take-off and you can drag the Pitch and . . .


. . . move the "Steuerknüppel" (= stick) slight forward to fly ahead.


You may also use the pedals to move the helicopter left and right around its yaw axis.

  • After finishing the flight the screen will turn to black
  • Please push the "Start/Pause" (= start/stop) button
  • Release the seat an push it back to leave the simulator


Some views out of the Simulator Cockpit


German Army Aviation Airfield Bückeburg-Achum


German Army Aviation Airfield Bückeburg-Achum
"Ready for take off" on Runway "26" (= Direction West, 260°)


After take off from Runway "26"


Direction "Porta Westfalica" (= "Gate to Westphalia")


Bückeburg Bath "Bergbad"


Bückeburg Railway Station


Bückeburg Castle


Bückeburg Market Square and Helicopter Museum


German Army Aviation Airfield Bückeburg-Achum
Runway "08" (= Direction East, 80°)


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Jeden Tag von 10 - 17 Uhr!

geschlossen am: 24.12. | 25.12. | 1.1.

Bitte noch mit Mund- und Nasenschutz, DANKE!

Leider ist der Simulator zurzeit nicht nutzbar, Festplattenfehler :-( wir arbeiten dran!

Ab Montag 09.01. bis Donnerstag 30.03.2023 haben wir aus Energie-/Kostengründen
nur an den Wochenenden freitags, samstags und sonntags geöffnet.
Personengruppen mit und ohne Führung auf Anfrage, auch an geschlossenen Tagen.
Ab dem 31.03.2023 haben wir wieder jeden Tag von 10 - 17 Uhr geöffnet.
Erwachsene: 9,50 € (erm. 8,50 €)
Kids/Jug (6-16 Jahre): 4,50 € (erm. 3,50 €)
Gruppenrabatt p. P. (über 15 Personen): 1,00 €
Erwachsene: 40,00 € pro Gruppe)*
Kids/Jug: 25,00 € pro Gruppe)*
Intensivführung: 60,00 € (ca. 3 Stunden)
* Bis 15 Personen Gruppengröße.
Ab der 16. Person zusätzlich 2,00 € pro Erw.
und 1,00 € pro Kind/Jugendlicher.

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