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Entertainment to Take off

Presented the program of the events: Martina Tellermann (from left), Kerstin Bals, Dieter Bals and Johanna Harmening

The long dry spell with little or no culture and entertainment is coming to an end. Although the Corona conditions are still making planning more difficult, the cultural association and the Helicopter Museum have come up with a concept and this year – the fifth since the series “Entertainment to Take Off 2020″ – invited diverse artists to the Helicopter Museum. “We can only drive by sight”, informs Johanna Harmening, managing director of the Bückeburg cultural association. The current situation and the regulations of the state of Lower Saxony allow 60 seats in this room – Dieter Bals measured everything himself, moved chairs and tried them out. “Unfortunately, more is not possible with the given distance of 1.5 meters,” said Bals. In addition, due to the Corona regulations, there are further changes: no drinks will be sold this year, and a cloakroom will not be offered either. The guests are assigned a fixed, numbered seat, and there will be no break. This time the duration of the event is also limited to 60 minutes. But there will be a lot on offer culturally: Johanna Harmening has once again invited diverse artists who will entertain the visitors with comedy, cabaret and fine music.

Cabaret artist Bernd Gieseking kicks off on Wednesday, 16th September with his “Hoffnungskabarett für Männer um die 50″ (“Cabaret of hope for men around 50 years”). The comedian – coming from the “Mühlenkreis”, near Minden – knows exactly what he is talking about – with profound humor he will whisk visitors away into this world, even if they are far from 50.

On Wednesday, 21st October, the historian and author Sebastian Schnoy will speak with “Hauptsache Europa! Jetzt erst recht!” (“The essential: Europe! Now or never!”) get to the bottom of current political events within the EU in a humorous way.

As the grand finale of the series this year, Ulla Meinecke and band will be musically delighting visitors with their program “Gute Geister” (“Good Spirit”) on Wednesday, 11th November. Her concise voice and timeless songs sound opulent and cast a spell over the listener.

“We already have numerous inquiries for this event in particular. It would be nice if something changes in the Corona conditions in Lower Saxony by then, then we might be able to please more than just 60 guests. But as I said: we are currently only driving by sight, “says Harmening. Thanks again this year to the “Volksbank in Schaumburg”, which is generously supporting the event as a sponsor for the fifth time. “We are happy that culture is finally back and we think it is great that it is possible despite all the limitations,” said Martina Tellermann, “Volksbank in Schaumburg”.

Tickets are available two weeks before the event at the Bückeburg Tourist Information, Lange Str. 45, and by telephone on 0 57 22 / 206-180 or -181 and 0 57 22/3610 at a price of 16.00 Euros each. Photo: nh

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