Süddeutsche Flugzeugwerke Merckle SM 67 V2-EN

Süddeutsche Flugzeugwerke Merckle SM 67 V2

First turbine-powered helicopter built and flown in Germany, the five-seat Merckle SM 67 is very like the Alouette II in general appearance. Its development began as a private venture in 1956, but the third prototype, which flew for the first time on 7th July 1959, was bought by the Federal Government and spent much of last year undergoing an official flight test and evaluation programme.

More refined than its predecessors, it has a fully enclosed cabin and is powered by a 406 shp Turbomeca Artouste IIC shaft turbine, driving a three-blade main rotor and two-blade tail rotor

MBB then used this test model V2 as a test bed for components for the Bo 105. Later it has been combined with parts of the V3 and became the exhibit you can see here in the museum.

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